Choosing the perfect body buffer

Buff Pro Green


Best for deep tissue


Best for skincare & chronic pain


Smaller portable massager



Powerful deep tissue massage

Smarter Muscle Recovery

The Buff Pro Black is ideal for pre work out muscle recovery. 


Smarter Muscle Recovery

The Buff Pro Green is ideal for warming up your muscles before a race

Buff Away
The Pain

Instant pain relief

The Buff Pro+ Plus is ideal for chronic pain relief  


Improve your skin elasticity

The Buff Pro+ Plus Pink is ideal for at home spa treatments

Buff on
the go

Small portable and light weight

The Buff Mini is ideal for people on the go

What our Customers say

"I use it both personally and professionally and profess it helps in reducing recovery time and level of pain associated with injury, stress, chronic pain and its ease of use."
Martin Wendels
"If you are looking for a tool that is going to help alleviate shoulder soreness or leg stiffness you need to get the BUFF PRO!"
stephanie hsu
"Its amazing! I use it post workout to really focus on muscle soreness and it works wonders!"
greg gonsalez
"Makes skin smooth feels good"
Steph cron